Sunday, May 18, 2008

Aunt Bev and Uncle Larry

Aunt Bev and Uncle Larry are here for a short visit. The kids are so excited to see them and we are having a fun visit.
We took some nice pictures after church today so i will try to upload some and post them!Hopefully some of them turned out well!!!!!!

Mothers Day

I had a great mothers day with the kids, Jason and my parents. We spend the day at my parents just hanging out and being together. Dad made a great cheese plate with wine, then a really nice dinner for us. The kids designed a Starbucks Gift Card for me (with me on it sitting in a coffee shop), the were so excited to give it to me. It was sweet. I am excited to get to drink more Starbucks for a while!!!!!!
We gave my momma a sweet card and I told her I would take her to have a pampering afternoon together--get both of our toes done and spend the afternoon just us.

My dad had a little bit of a hard day--missing his momma. This was the first mothers day that he didn't have a momma here on this earth. We know she is in a much better place, but thats still a hard thing.