Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beach Christmas

We celebrated Christmas a little late this year with the Yaman Clan due to Aunt Laura being on call at her vet practice in Atlanta on Christmas day. are some pics, via slide slow of the kids in Charelston from Aunties camera. The second slide show are pics from my camera.Thanks Auntie for sharing pics of all of our kiddies!!! If you are reading this Yamans--Thanks so very much for all of the christmas gifts and all of the memories created! We love you all so very much, much more than we could ever say in writing on this blog. The kids had so much fun and loved everything! Emmy Grace--You are such a special girl- WE LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES BEAUTIFUL ANGEL!!!!!

The kids had lots of fun opening presents--it happended so fast I didn't even see what they got till days later really!!! It was chaos of wrapping paper flying and EXCITEMENT galor---memories I hope they will hold dear forever and ever!
Then they spend the following hours, days, and will be months and months to come playing will all the goodies!!!! Thanks again Maggie, Pap-Pap and Auntie!!!
Poor Jack was a little sickie, but he did not let that stop him-He had such fun too!!!
ok, here are some more pics:




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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Atlanta at Uncle Matt and Aunt Laura's

We had never been to Matt and Laura's new house. We were so psyched to get to go to Atlanta and spend Christmas with them. We had so much fun and such a relaxing few days spending time and hanging out;playing games,singing songs,cooking, baking (remember the eggs next time Erika!)and of course Shopping!!! There were soooo many pics taken, I figured the easiest was to pick some and put them in a slideshow.... Check them out: On Christmas Eve we missed church, as Jack had a 103 fever (poor baby, of course no pic of the sickie eyes, but Daddy read the Christmas Story out of the Bible and we sang carols.
Andrew especially had fun with singing. He did not know the words but he sure did belt his words out from the top of his lungs.

Oh Christmas night, sweet sweet Caroline Ruth came up with a game (which she invented rules and all)...We all got so into it. It was a ball!!! ~PUN INTENDEDDdaddy Jason videod some of the fun, check it out:

Matt and Laura,
If you are reading this, thank you both so much for hosting this year. We loved your house and getting to just be with you both(and of course Dixie,Lilly Bird and Otis)!!
We love you so much and miss getting to be with you as often as we would like. We are so proud of who ya'll have become and are so blessed to call ya'll Uncle Matt and Aunt Laura. You have no idea how much my kids love and adore you both. It means the world to us how wonderful ya'll are with them and how you love them!
Thanks for the intro to Trader Joe's too!!! Who knew wine could be cheap and awsome at the same time????
Elbow ball next christmas anyone???????

My Kids Christmas Pictures

This Year we are not sending out a Christmas card...long story short, no MULA,sorry to break the news here those that were wondering where our card with my beautiful kiddos was!!!
Anyways..I just coudn't not take to Christmas pic anyways. So here it is... No Cooperation, AS USUAL!!!!, but who cares this year, no one has to see it right...just the whole world as I decdided to post the pics anyways for all the see.
I wanted to share the pics with those of you who follow my blog, almost all of you are people who would surely get the Christmas card anyways, Right?
Surely one of these pics would have made the cut??? or would I have taken many more?? probably so knowing me, don't love any of these really, but here they are!!!
I really wanted to do a matching jammies pic this year...but again...MONEY MONEY MONEY>>> anyone know how much nice jammies cost...yah, ya do. 'Nough said. My kids are not sporting the cute striped monogrammed jammies this year that I wanted. humph.... Ok, that did not sound grateful.. and I am... VERY GREATFUL FOR MY BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL FAMILY!
> Aren't they beautiful???? I know it, I am so blessed, so blessed by MY REDEEMDER! I praise you wonderful, glorious Lord for all you have given in this family. They are fun, crazy, life consuming....and above all a blessing that is more than I can even really wrap my head around. WOW, thats all I can really say when stop and think. I am even thankful for the blessing of this darn computer that gives me the time to stop and blog and reflect on all you do for my family. THANK YOU!
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Yaman Brooker First Annual Christmas

We had our First ANNUAL Christmas with the Brookers this Year, the Sunday before Christmas... GREAT FOOD, GOOD COMPANY, GOOD FUN, I could go on......... We had so much fun with ya'll and cannot wait for this to become an annual event and look back on the memories years down the road.
Here are a few pics:

TWISTER...New Christmas Tradition??? It was pretty hilarious, and lots of fun for kids and adult alike!!!!

Check this video--We had fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

GOd is GOOD.
Good is Love.
He is the same yesterday, today , and tommorow no matter what he chooses to allow in my life.
This is the TRUTH.
Isiah 26:3 YOu will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts you

When I started this post it was mostly to post pictures of my kids, for family and friends to check out....its now evolved. I have found the need to have a place to get out my thoughts. It helps me to reflect on what the Lord has done in my life and I find I want to share whats REALLY going on in my world with my closest and dearest famiy and friends that I send this blog out to. If anyone else happens upon it and is able to see the gospel of God through my life in any way I will feel so blessed and honored by that also.

(if all you want is the pics friends/fam just skip my wordy blogs!!!!!)

This week the above passage is my affirmation, my meditation and verse of the week. Its the thoughts I plan to think over, to dwell on in my head so I thought i would share. I had posted them a few days ago in a post but they are still whats mostly in my head so I choose to stick with them for this week as I am getting so much out of them. is my story..the short version...Over the last year, well really longer..there has been crisis after crisis in my life;personal mental crisis that was quite severe and had me out of work 6 months,loss of job 1, 4 family deaths,breast ca in one of closest friends,more personal health crisis(surgery and then current pleurisy) and last job crisis tha left us in bad financial crisis....I could probably go on....
So whats going on GOD? why the onslaught? Why me? this is not fair...more whining at first and at various points I am sad to report but I want to be honest. By about December of last year I clearly heard God's voice. I knew the WHy? I knew that God loved me. I felt it to the core. I knew that my GOD WAS GOOD. He was not punishing me. I am a stubborn person. My God loves his Childern and wants to mold us to his image. This is why I had to be BROKEN,crisis after crisis...obviously Erika doesn't learn fast...My God knows what I need.
I heard him loud and clear tell me that I needed to learn TRUST, to put my trust first in HIM and then in JASON, my husband. Like I said I am stubborn.. I want to trust in ME first..and then fall back on Jasosn and God when Convienent...thats my immediate tendancy. That is not God's directions to us as women, nor as believers.

Now, finally, over a year later I feel like I finally am getting it. I KNOW IT. I UNDERSTAND GOD. I BELIEVE IT...well I am on my way. I am sure I doubt more than I should.
I feel at peace in a way I just haven't for awhile. I know that to some it may sound like a lot to go through for one lesson. BUT THIS WAS A BIG LESSON.
God, I want to praise you for the crisis, the pain, because without it your ultimate plan for my life would not be. Without it your Glory would not shine through. I want to bring Glory to You in All that I do and say. I know I am far from that.

I don't know what my next lesson will be, or if i am still on TRUST, as it is so big I am sure I will never truley learn it, but JESUS BRING ON THE RAIN!!! I PRAISE YOU FOR IT!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

WOW, just had an amazing afternoon with my Lord!!

Prompted by reading a chapter of The PeaceMaker, by Ken Sanders..I ended up spending an afternoon in scripture, and then in silent time with my Lord. It was great. It was much needed.
I also spent a little of the time reading a blog that was recommended to me--Bring of the rain...a wonderful christian woman whose blogs of her walk with the Lord God led me to deeper thought, more time with God today. WOW. Thanks Angie!!! You are an amazing woman. The trials you went through with Audrey Caroline, the pregnancy, the birth and now life without your angel daughter in your arms daily. Yet through the pain this lady gives it all to God, lays it all at the Cross. Her blog is an amazing testimony to what it means to live through crisis, when bad things happen....I don't know what else to say but amazing testimony to me and I am a christian. So encouraging. She knew her God was the same yesterday and today and tommorow no matter the circumstances. She really lived it and Believed it!! Amazing strength and PEace that God gave to in the midst of the gut wrenching pain...I cried buckets as I read but also felt a peace..a renewed spirit in my own relationship with my God.
See I know what she knows also. I have been going through some stuff...and I can't say I have had the Grace she has showed. The peace. I want to have that...I think today brought me closer. I just really felt the need to "blog" this out.
GOd is GOOD.
Good is Love.
He is the same yesterday, today , and tommorow no matter what he chooses to allow in my life.
This is the TRUTH.
Isiah 26:3 YOu will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts you.

-this verse was on my heart today.

Also the song that played often on Angie's blog Bring the Rain, from Mercy Me (I have kinda claime it personally these last months internally, never have I said it aloud, but I am now...)
Thank you Mercy ME for Bring the Rain- That song speaks to my heart every time I hear it. It truley does.


I am excited to report to all that have been following/praying for me and the JOB HUNT...job wait...etc.... I am very pleased to announce that I have a start date- JANUARY 12,2008 WAHOO!!!
(Home Health on call weekend nights for those of you who didn't know--I have known about this job for weeks, but did not know when it would start--its a new job that they are forming- I will be answering pages from patients with problems, fixing problems over the phone, going to sites if unable to fix on phone)
So the next step---I will have to do up to 8 weeks of Training durning the week. So I am gonna need help. They want me to learn all the ins and outs before I go to my weekend Job. AHHHHHH!!!
But I knows its the right job for my family. So it will work out.
Anyone that can help. please let me know. I am wanting to work 3-4 days a week. I will drop kids off at school. Just need afternoon help...and people to keep Andrew On Tuesdays or Thursdays pretty much all day. I know its a lot. Jason, my parents, inlaws are going to help. I know I have relied on friends so much over the last year. I know that God will provide though. God has been so GOOD this year to my FAMILY! the fact that I am able to say that, that I am saying that- WOW! but I truley believe it! I DO! God provides for his lambs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mommy got creative for Christmas...(to the tune of CHEAP!!!!!)

Well I just cannot have Christmas without decorating, and to me that always means buying new stuff, gotta add to what we had last year right?? Somehow always need something new, something different... Well this year things seem to be different, we just do not have the money for me to be out buying whatever decorations I want. So We Buy the Tree from the PIG<yeah, we are real classy> and then I go to thinking what can I do to decorate.....So I find out LOWES of all places has 2o yards, YES you heard that right, 2o YARDS of alreadystrung galand for 6 dollars!!!!!!! What can I do with this??? the brain is churnin. I am SO NOT Miss Creativity. My friend Stephanie had said she was going to wrap garland along her stairs and hang all her Christmas Cards from it...ok, don't have a long bannister....Kitchen... Then miracle of miracles I, ERIKA YAMAN, came up with a creative idea!!!! You see my kids had spent days and days gathering leaves, stones, broken vines,twigs,you name it, even sand....they wanted to do a project....THey wanted to bring all of this in my house. I DON"T THINK SO...thats what mom of the year said after all there sweet hard work....See, these were the things they said they were Thankful FOR.....So what is this Project...The pics are the result in progress....They made ornaments from NATURE..HOW COOL IS THAT???-- they turned out really sweet and the kids had a ball. Of course I was too busy helping to take pics...but the results I hot glued to the garland that I hung. We will also be adding all of the Christmas Cards.
I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself. I really do lack the CREATIVITY gene. My mom sews, smocks,designs well..she was a elementary teacher and can come up with any type of project...Why did I not gt those genes....???
Maybe it just takes being FLAT BROKE to bring out the Creative bug in me?????

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

FAMILY GONE, Mommy Home alone For a few Hours

So....whats a Mom to do with a whole day alone???
My family has left for Charleston for Emmy Grace's birthday party.
Here are some pics of the Kids at the Charelston Children's Museum-

I have stayed behind as my chest has been acting up. This had been a really rough week with a return of CHEST PAIN. Yuck! I have no idea whats going on or why this has come back. I have been so much better, have not been taking pain meds in weeks. Now I am back to taking pain meds and still hurting anyways!!!
back to feeling so FRUSTRATED!
I know the Lord gives us what He does to strenghten us, to build us up, our character, etc... Mine should be pretty SOLID after this year!!! Atleast I hope so. I hope I have listened and learned something in all of this.

LORD, please continue to give me the strenght, and the patience to me to not take all of the frustration out on my LOVING AND SWEET HUBBIE, but to be PATIENT, and TRUST that you have a PLAN.

OKAY, so that said....
whats a girl to do all alone....wish I could do something cool, fun, exciting....but alas.....I will probably surf the some stuff on the DVR....REST UP...thats what I stayed back for...TO REST UP..that what I get to do for fun these days...REST UP, in hopes that this chest will heal up. ( okay, that sentance did not sound like I am being patient or trusting did it????---I need to really work on my attitude!) Ya'll who read this pray for me!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMY GRACE!!!! THREE YEARS OLD TOMMOROW!!!!!!! I am so sorry I missed your party. Auntie Ka-Ka Loves you so much litte girl!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its Beginning To Look ALOT like CHRISTMAS....

at the Yaman house atleast.
The kids have been begging to get the tree up and the house decorated...We have been behind this year compared to usual. I LOVE the CHristmas Season...
I love decorating
I love the music
I love th feeling I get this time of year,
I love the baking, the planning christmas goodies,
I love Christmas shopping- Yes I love shopping for family and friends.
---this year is rough, we are really low on money and I don't get to really shop nor do I get to cook like crazy---or decorate like I want----but IT WILL BE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS--WE WILL CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF OUR CHRIST.
Here is a little slide show of the last few days at our house:

The kids have also spend a lot of time making special ornaments from nature...from things they have gathered outside-
I will post pictures of their creations when they are done. They are going to hang it on a fresh garland that I have hung in the kitchen. I think its a really cool project if I do say so myself. The kids have really gotten into it and have made some really cute things so far!!!
In other news:
I have been having a hard time lately with Trusting and Patience regarding my job situation and money issues..anyone out there who has been praying--Please keep praying--I really need the prayer right now...
Dear Lord GOd,
I know you have a plan for me, a plan to prosper me, not to hurt me, a Plan that is the Perfect plan for me, for my family. I pray for rest and Peace in this.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here is What Happens When Mommy has a Migrane-

Andrew's art wall:

OH HE WAS SO SAD!!!! He thought he was drawing Mommy a picture!!!!!!
I woke up around 4AM with a horrid headache. It lasted till around 12pm. So I some how pulled through and got Jack and Caroline to school, then came home and crawled into the bed. Andrew stayed upstairs with me, in and out of the bed,playing in the playroom and his room....then he comes into my room--paint allover his face, allover his legs...I got up with dread...paint all over my door, my wall and banister!!! OH BOY!!! who knew where he even found the paint marker upstairs--gotta love it when things don't get put away!!!!!
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