Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caroline Ruth turns 7

Strawberry Gluten Free Cake with Strawberry Icing
Caroline wanted everything strawberry for her birthday...
 So we started the day off with Homemade Gluten Free Strawberry Cream Scones and ended it with her Strawberry Cake!!! She picked pizza for dinner ( no strawberries on the pizza!)

Strawberry Buttercream Scones (GF)
Here she is getting a pretty necklace, and those are her flowers her Daddy gave her

These were the cupcake pops I took to her class for her classroom birthday Celelbration

This was a very AMERICAN DOLL birthday-- a new dollie, and tons of clothes for her, and a traveling case...Caroline had the flu, but she still had a great day! Thank you to everyone for all her great presents. She also got a jump rope, a helmet and pads for biking/scootering outside. Maggie and PapPap had fun helping her learn to jump rope as they swung it ( wish I had a pic of that!) Of course PopPop took all the pics mostly, so here are just a couple

All in all she had a great day, even though we could not have the party we had planned...we missed Mrs. Meredith and Josh and Mary Lila, Emily Grace,  the Brookers, and the Rogers Family! But having just Mimi,  PopPop, Pappap and Maggie was kinda special!

Friday, March 11, 2011

40 Bags in 40 Days

I am jumping on the 40 Bags in 40 Days BandWagon...
 Last year my fav Blogger to read, Clover Lane, did this thing for Lent where she cleaned and basically declutterd and organized her house- the goal for her was to fill at least 40 bags with eithet trash or donations withen the 40 days of Lent.
I remember reading it this time last year and thinking to myself, self that is a great idea, I should do that every spring at this time. Last year I was not in our house yet, so it wasn't really doable...but I remembered this year. And it looks like she is tackling it again this year.
So I am jumping on the bandwagon.
I have one bag of Trash and one bag of donation thus far....
I started in my kitchen.
Thus far I have tackled the pantry, the desk area, my main station, and also the entry foyer pantry and front closet.
I mostly reorganized pantry, threw out all the gluten products, reorganized meds and threw out all the out of date stuff...did some cleaning of the area. I went through my main station drawers and tidied up, and found lots to donate...

My Goals:
Kitchen- go through drawers, pantries, desks.
Master Bedroom
Master Closet
Master Bath
Hall Bath
Hall Closet
Caroline Room and Closet
Boys Room and Closet
Guest Room
Main Room ( tv hutch, icebox)

My main goal is decluttering, getting us more streamlined and down to keeping only the basics that we need in each area.
Organization is second on my list.
I would also really like to do a thourough clean of each room as I go.

FUN STUFF- but it needs to be done- now is as good a time as any, right???

Basketball Season 2011

Jackson has had such a blast doing Basketball this season. Its been his first ever time playing basketball and he has not only learned so much and improved immensly, but I don't think I ever so that wonderful SMILE leave his face!!!!! Gosh that warms my momma's heart, when they find something that makes them giddy, something that makes them excited, and smiley, and look forward to practicing and playing.
His Daddy put up a goal on the wall in our garage ( the only flat surface we have) and he has had a good time with that too!!!!!
Here are a few pics from the season!

This next one is my fav--- he is Jack Jack after all. As much as he loved it. He is not competitive, he was in it for the fun.... So here he is realizing PopPop has the camera!!!!

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