About Me

This is a little page devoted to telling anyone who is interested a little about me. The owner, writer of this blog.

I am very happy to say I am the following:
Follower of God
I seek to place God first in all that I do. I stumble, I grapple, I reach out to Him...I am a work in progress. In truth I struggle to find ME, a me that has fibromyalgia, to accept a new me. I need constant reminders from God that I am HIS, beautiful in His Sight. I strive to grow into a quiet, gentle spirit. A women who others will see God shining through.

Married to Jason for eight years.(update 2013-13 years) He is my truly my best friend.

Momma to Jackson, Caroline and Andrew. Being a Mom has brought Joy, and also changed me in more ways than I ever thought possible.

Ameteur CookMy favorite activity. I LOVE to make things from scratch. Fresh anything and end up with something SCRUMPTIOUS. Its calming, sometimes ANXIETY provoking my husband would say, as I am a perfectionist!, but its probably my favorite thing. (due to my current Fibromyalgia I am got getting to do much of this these days)

This is my other passion. I am an avid reader. I LOVE to dive into a book. I may not come up for air till it is done. I love to discover what the author has to share, is there something I can learn to integrate into my life. I must admit, I love just FUN nothing books too! And writing...I have always loved to journal, get my feelings out, now blogging...It helps me work out my thoughts. ( this reading and writing thing has taken more of a forefront these days....as cooking is so darn taxing to my energy...)