Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Back into LIFE....

Wow, I have to say.... I am now almost 2 months post surgery now. All recovered physically, pretty much anyways. I am freed from my doc to walk for exersize now.
No more sickies.
No more excuses.
I have to say I am finding reentering my life, Our lives, harder than I would have thought.
I am finding it a bit overwhelming.
I think I want to be everything all at once again. I want to do it all, all on my own strength.
One would have thought in these last years that I would have learned this lesson.
I would have learned that Reliance on my Lord is essesntial. That I cannot do it alone.
I cannot do anything alone.
But here I go again, trying and getting defeated...
And I am suprised????
I need to realize that I was out of things for a long time and it is ok that its not super simple to just feel normal in every aspect.
I need to realize that I have to cling to my Savior. I need him in everything I do.
I have the head knowledge, I pray Lord Jesus that you would help apply it to my heart daily. That I would daily seek you out first. That i  would walk with you, look to you for guidance, for patience, for help with my days. I pray that you would continue to teach me and grow me closer to you.

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  1. I am sorry reentering your life has been so hard for you. Please know that your friends love you and we have missed you. We miss you at our little get togethers. I hope you will be there next time:)
    Love you!