Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paleo- Panu- Lots of New Wierd Words--

I have been spending a lot of time since this new year as started examining my nutrition.
What is good for you?
What is bad for you?
Is a low fat, high carb ratio the way to go?
If I just follow the food pyramid that the government put out?
What "they" say is healthy, the "right" way to eat seems to be ever changing....
So I set out to do some research.... and I have been reading, and reading, and doing more reading... My head has been spinning at all I have been learning!!!!! There are so many studies out there. So many WELL funded studies out there. Where does all this money come from to fund all these studies?? -thats another issue....
Anyways, I fell upon a life altering, life changing book called
Its a tough read, Its VERY scientific, but the more I read the more I learned that there is so much I don't know. So much that I had to learn to give my family the best nutrition possible.
After this book I was led to Robb Wolf and Kurt Harris in my research, and I am very firmly a believer now that Glutens and Wheat are not meant to be consumed by humans. They wreck havoc on us. This is a big statement. I know. Thats the majority of our diet as we know it. I also learned so much about Fats and Cholesterol, and what each one of the components of them are and what they truely mean. They are not all bad. I have a lot to still learn, but a lot to share to if anyone is interested. Check out these guys sites. Especially Kurt Harris.
I have been radically revamping our nutrition here at home.
Out with the flour, white and wheat. WOW!!!-thats radical.
Out with the white sugar.
Out with all the processed stuff.

In with the coconut flour, coconut oil, almond flour...
Check out my Foodie Friday Blog for some of my new recipes.
 I made Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes that I think were the best pancakes I have EVER EVER made, hands down.-- I was shocked.

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