Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caroline Ruth turns 7

Strawberry Gluten Free Cake with Strawberry Icing
Caroline wanted everything strawberry for her birthday...
 So we started the day off with Homemade Gluten Free Strawberry Cream Scones and ended it with her Strawberry Cake!!! She picked pizza for dinner ( no strawberries on the pizza!)

Strawberry Buttercream Scones (GF)
Here she is getting a pretty necklace, and those are her flowers her Daddy gave her

These were the cupcake pops I took to her class for her classroom birthday Celelbration

This was a very AMERICAN DOLL birthday-- a new dollie, and tons of clothes for her, and a traveling case...Caroline had the flu, but she still had a great day! Thank you to everyone for all her great presents. She also got a jump rope, a helmet and pads for biking/scootering outside. Maggie and PapPap had fun helping her learn to jump rope as they swung it ( wish I had a pic of that!) Of course PopPop took all the pics mostly, so here are just a couple

All in all she had a great day, even though we could not have the party we had planned...we missed Mrs. Meredith and Josh and Mary Lila, Emily Grace,  the Brookers, and the Rogers Family! But having just Mimi,  PopPop, Pappap and Maggie was kinda special!

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  1. I am sorry we missed it. Hope to be able to do it soon. I know Jesse was really looking forward to coming to her birthday.