Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Everyone is loving school

Well schools has been in for over a month now. Time is sure flying by.

Jack is loving his Spanish Enrichment program- learning all kinds of new spanish words all while soaking up all the regular kindergarden knowledge..He loves his teachers and his new friends. He even love HOMEWORK!!!!

Caroline ofcourse loves school. She is my social butterfly..but she can't tell me anyones name, what she learned, but SHE SURE HAD FUN!!! She is at a new school this year, LAKE MURRAY BAPTIST and its from 9-1:45.Mon-Thurs. Its perfect for her.

Andrew is going two days a week to the same school as Caroline. The other day he cried when I went to pick him up. He doesn't want to go home. When its time to go in he runs in smiling. He just loves every minute I think. I wasn't sure whether to send him at 2yrs old but he is loving it.

Momma is loving having a few hours twice a week all to myself...its seems to get filled up so fast!!!! I don't know that I have had one yet that I got to just relax, but atleast its just ME TIME!!!
On Wednsdays I walk in the morning with a friend, that is a really nice opportunity.
I am currently searching for a new job. I was really not getting hours at my current job, along with a lot of other issues that I won't go into....anyways...anyone reading this please pray for my job search....I am trusting in God that He will bring the right job along.
I have also started back into exersizing regularly---gonna start trying to get into running again, and of course lifting weights and my BodyFlow classes at the gym as usual. Running has always been the hard part for me...So thats my thing I am trying to focus on...We shall SEE!!!!!

Jason is working at Blythewood still. Having a little bit of a rough year...Please pray for him to continue to do his very best in the midst of all the turmoil and unnecessary junk thats going on day to day there. He just wants to do his very best for his students and try and ignore all the other stuff, but of course thats hard...

Hope anyone reading this is doing well!!!

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