Saturday, October 18, 2008



K (still working on this letter right now)
I just thought I would post this and share his first school project with everyone.
In other news in our world.
As most of you know I have been a magnet for bad luck, wierd illnesses,etc...
So on Thursday of this week I thought I was having a HEARTATTACK of all things, at the age of 30!!!!!
I of course tried to deny it, ignore the pain...but it was so intense and not going away so after a few hours I went to the doctor...after some tests they concluded I have something called PLEURACY-its a lung condition. I had a respitory thing, a cold virus or something for a few weeks in a row this is where the pleura, the lining of the lung becomes inflammed...causes crazy intense pain and shortness of breath...they can do nothing to make it better. Told me to rest, heating pads and high doses of anti-inflammitory(motrin). Apparently it can last for a long long time they say. GREAT!!!! JUST WHAT I NEED!!!! SO I don't know....Hoping the acute stg wears off the this crazy pain anytime I do anything other than lay flat wears off soon. Please pray!!!!
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