Monday, September 5, 2011

Caroline's New Bed and Desk

Caroline's Daddy built her a new bed and desk over the weekend. It still needs painted of course but she was soooo excited we let her go ahead and set it up today and sleep in it like it is tonight. We will get the drawers added and paint it soon!!!! I am so impressed that he did all this in two days!!!! Its so great, better than the pics show!
The Bed
The Desk
This is how it looks all together....Its built in!!!!!

Boy was she so very excited! I cannot wait till its all painted and there are going to be bookshelves going up the wall to the left of the bed- to be built another day!!!! Boy was Daddy busy to get all done that he did! He worked so hard, and Caroline is just beyond thankful!!!!!

(this is the opposite wall from the bed)
 (this is on the wall when you first walk in...)
Of course, the room is not finished, nor is it organized yet, but I wanted to go ahead and post some pics. I am just so proud of my man!

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