Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BRING ON THE RAIN God, if thats what it takes to be closer to you.I want to have Faith, that strong never waivering Faith. that kind that no matter what life brings, no matter the dry spell, or the rocky spell, or WHATEVER.... I will have Faith in God that is strong and unwaivering. That is my biggest prayer.

How about ya'll out there????

Does anybody else struggle with feeling so far away from this goal????

I know I am human, I know I am going to screw up along the way, but I so much want to have that.

So God, bring on the rain, anything it takes... I know I have had the rocky, but as it has started to straighten out I am already feelin, yep I can do this on my own. I am already back to that so easily. So often. I KNOW BETTER. But I live it out differently. Am I the only one??

Its back to my illustration I love to use of the "God BOX", I am so apt to try and say, oh I can do this, and that and that there on my own, and just try and put him, THE one who loves me and wants to help me with everything, in a box on the shelf for when I really need him, or when I think its important.I I I, all about me me easily, so fast.

Please do not let me do this Lord. I know you want to commune with me, to spent intimate time with me. I wan tht too, Ireally do. So why don't i act like it??? Why do I let busy busy life run over whats so important. You and serving you and doing things to please you are what should matter most....yet I continue to get wrapped up in everything else that matters so little.
AHHHHHHH>>>>> Please forgive me for trying to do it all on my own. Please continue to pursue me, to pull me back to you, over, and over. I know you will and I feel so blessed to call you MY LORD!!!!!

i don't know if anyone reading this can relate, but I would think so. Its just so hard to stop and realise that our life, our purpse on this earth is not all the STUFF, all the craziness we get swept up in... ITS GLORIFYING OUR LORD!!!!

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