Friday, February 20, 2009

just a quick post to say, MY CAMERA IS BROKEN!!!

Sooooo SAD! My camera is no pics for awhile!

Everyone is well though.

My new job is truckin along nicely.
Thanks to all who prayed and prayed for me while we waited for this job to start!
Its INFORMATION OVERLOAD, but I am loving it. I love going to patients homes, I think Home Healht is where the Lord wants me to be. Each place I feel so touched. I think I could get really sucked in... I will have to be careful or it could take over me....but I know I will learn the balance just as all the other homehealth nurses have.
There is so much need out there ya'll, so much pain, so much loss....I could go on forever after just a few visits!!!! PLEASE REMEMBER THOSE LESS FORTUNATE in your prayers. We, meaning me, get so caught up in our own STUFF and forget all that is really out there, ya know????
well I gotta run.
I hope for a new or fixed camera before too long.

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