Sunday, February 22, 2009

FAITH....what an awsome word!!!

What a simple to throw out there... not as simple to truley live.
WE are studying Habbakuk in SS and that book has really hit me, really gotten me thinkin (even though we have missed so many weeks of class =( )
Today we talked about how FAITH is basically Patience and Rejoicing no matter the circumstance.
NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE, Patience and Rejoicing in God.
Faith in God's Plan
Faith in God's Justice
Faith in God's TIMING,
So, No matter what the circumstance we are to glorify GOd, Have Faith in him ( meaning patience in his plan, that he will bring justice, that his timing is PERFECT,
and REJOICE in him, despite the circumstances, again knowing he has a plan, with his own timing.
Habbakuk did this...Simon Peter was learning this also in Luke 5.
Psalm 73 is one of my favorite ones, it talks a lot about personal angst, questioning and then seeing God's GLory, his SANCTUARY it turns to PRAISE.. I don't have my bible with me this second or I would quote some of it here. ITs just the best. Its so something I can relate often in feelings.
SO>>>back to the words of my favorite christian feverent prayer....
BRING ON THE RAIN God, if thats what it takes to be closer to you.
I want to have Faith, that strong never waivering Faith.
We have to spend time with you, so that in the questioning times, the hard times, the dry times, we can go back to Your WORD and time and time again you show how you have FURTHERED YOUR KINGDOM DESPITE ALL ODDS!!!
I just wanted to get all of these thoughts out. This seems to be the place I go to for that purpose now and then.
Still no pics, no camera to date.

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