Sunday, January 4, 2009

Please Pray!!!!!

I just got a call that my best friend Beck was just in a horrible car accidient. Luckily I got word straight from her. But still, I am soooo shaken up. She was driving to Minnisota to the Mayo Clinic for a doctors appt (actually her aunt was driving) and they hit an ice patch possibly, ran off the road, flipped numerous times, four or so we are told and landed in a ravine. The cops said they were amazed they survived.
God, thank you for keeping them in your loving and protective care. You have brought Beck through so much and I know you are not done with her yet. I just know it.
Her Aunt in Intensive care...please pull her through. Please be with them. I know Beck is all alone, scared, in pain...Please wrap your loving arms around her Lord God.
Anyone who reads this, Please go kiss your family, make right any squabbles or disagreements...Life is so fleeting.
I mean I was all consumed today in my little stomach bug, wanted to be just left alone. I never left my bedroom. Then BOOM, I find out Beck could have died tonight. God, I know you are in control of everything.
You are SUPREME!!!
Our life goal here is to glorify you and thats really it.
We must FEAR YOU, HONOR YOU, TRUST YOU...I get so caught up in every day life, in ME ME ME...that I forget my PURPOSE. So easily I forget my purpose. You also put my beautiful family here for me to take care of...I can take that for granted so easily to, thinking of ME first comes so easily. Please help me to "SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD"...each and every day, and to focus on being loving and patient with my family. On finding JOY in my life, REJOICING IN ALL because all is what you put here for us...I am just bursting with emotions, thoughts.....I don't know if I am even making sense but I needed to get this out.
We always think there is time, but what if there isn't???? I know God is in Control of that to. I need to not let that fear take over.
PEACE,not anxiety erika. REST IN YOUR LORD ERIKA. OK, thanks for listening.....
I am gonna go kiss my babies,even though its midnight and they are all asleep.
I am not gonna be sleeping with this stomach bug tonight much I don't think.

School starts in the am....hope no one else in the house gets this, surely they will though...Hope AW is better by am. I don't need a sick momma and still a sick baby. Luckily my amazing parents took the kids Sunday, since J and I were both sick, as well as baby AW.

Man,so much to think about, to learn, to strive towards, its just OVERWHELMING!!!!!!!
Lord, calm my heart tonight please. and again, love on Beck, may she feel your arms around her right now.

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