Friday, January 16, 2009

THANK GOD FOR MY DVR!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

at 2am! I am so sick of not being able to sleep. INSOMNIA is so much fun!!! Late night TV is not so great... What would I do without my DVR? catching up on tv shows that I tape during the days.
I never really set New Years Resolutions, but I never really do. But maybe I will list some things that

I thank the Lord for over the past year for:
1. On my mind, thank you for the material provisions you have allowed us to have, INCLUDING my DVR.
2. My amazing husband.

3. my health (this one I have a hard time being Thankful for, am in continual prayer for, but as the Lord says ask me in prayer and then start thanking even before results)----but there have over the last year been many results---brought me through the "sickness" last fall, then the surgery in May, then the I am currently working on getting healthy in general!

4. My support system, my extended family, my friends--- We are so blessed here!

5. My children and their thriving selves, they all had wonderful years!!! Grew so much, each one of them.

6. The lessons you taught me about TRUST in you and in my husband, one I continue to struggle with but have learned sooooooo much regarding.

7. My church family

8. My SEAT WARMERS, sounds strange maybe but that is one luxery that am truley Thankful.

9. the prospect of my new job, which sounds PERFECT for my family, and for the knowledge that the Lord will PROVIDE... all the stress surronding the situation is a huge prayer request, so Thank you in advance God for whatever direction you take us. I will trust you and have faith that I will be and am exactly where I am supposed to be now and in the future.

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