Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Biggest Littlest Pet Shop Party Blog

Caroline's 6th Birthday Party-- I am doing it at home this year.... The preparations are crazy!!! But I am having fun.
I have to say I am not the most creative crayon in the box... So I am so grateful to creative mom's out there who post their ideas out in blog land!
I have found a blog that has Tip, Tips and More Tips for Moms. One of the Topics in the Archives is Birthday Party ideas.
So, I have gotten tons of good ideas and taken my spin on them and planned Care's party for this year.

(The above pic was the front of the invitations)

Here is the plan:

Welcome, come and got the the
ADOPTION CENTER and "adopt" a pet.

Take your pet to the workshop and design a house for it.
Now my friend Pauline has this awsome Cricuit machine and she let me borrow it to make these cute little boxes:
they look like this closed:
I am going to let the girls decorate the houses with all kinds of fun stuff!

They had a ball adopting and then decorating the pet's houses!!!!

2:35  Hide and Seek Pet Shop Game
(this is a game Jack made up for them to play!!!! We will hide some Pets around and the girls will hunt for them! whomever finds a Pet can turn them in to claim a prize!)

 Here are a few of the prizes so far:
1.  Pet Shop T-shirts (you can kinda see the tshirts rolled up there in the prize basket below??)

2. These  flower necklaces below, Caroline made them.
3. Pet Shop Bubbles.

2:45 Dog, Dog, Cat ( Caroline's Version of Duck, Duck, Goose)

such a fun game-- they had so much fun playing this one, and no prizes even had to be awarded with this one!!!!!

2:55 Pictures and Music Game ( I can't think of a good name for this game)--- basically I am going to spread lots of Pet Shop Coloring Sheets all over the ground and then turn some music on and tell them all to dance. When the music stops I will pull a smaller version of one of the coloring sheets out of a bag. If their picture matches they get to come pick a prize and then go to the coloring center while everyone else keeps playing..... ANY ONE GOT A GOOD NAME FOR THIS ONE?????

3:05  Food (pics to come post party)
         plan to have assorted yummy fruits, a pink sherert punch, doggie bone, and princess crown shaped mini cookies, and then the finale will be the cupcakes.
Here are the cupcake toppers for the school cupcakes, for the party I am going to make ice cream cone cupcakes I think,

the table:

3:30 Present time

  I am going to send them on a big scavenger hunt and on the end they will find their gift bags--these are my favorite part- I am proud of how they turned out!
I didn't put too much in them because everyone will be getting a pet, a house and prizes also!

well, added some stickers too!

And I got a great group shot at the end of the party:

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  1. Great site... great pictures. They had so much fun! It was wonderful... you should be proud... you can do it and do it well!!