Thursday, March 4, 2010

He is With you... by Mandesa ( beautiful lyrics just read them out loud to yourself)

If you haven't figured it out yet I am doing a little "series" on song lyrics that mean something to me.... This one hits to the heart big time for me....
There is suffering. But GOD IS GOOD in all things. JOY can be found in all situations because our focus is to be on HIM, on the "who",not on the why, or the circumstances....


 listen to these words, reflect on them,

(and please respond, tell me how this song hit you! I really would love for this little "series" to be interactive a bit, to know what anyone who reads this thinks!)

There's a time to live
And a time to die
There's a time to laugh
And a time to cry
There's a time for war
And a time for peace
There's a hand to hold
In the worst of these
In the worst of these

He is with you when your faith is dead
And you can't even get out of bed
Or your husband doesn't kiss you anymore
He is with you when your baby's gone
And your house is still and your heart's a stone
Cryin' God, what'd you do that for?
He is with you
There's a time for yes
And a time for no
There's a time to be angry
And a time to let it go
There's a time to run
And a time to face it
There is love to see you
Through all of this

He is with you in the conference room
When the world is coming down on you
And your wife and kids don't know you anymore
And he is with you in the ICU
When the doctors don't know what to do
And it scares you to the core
He is with you

We may weep for a time
But joy will come in the morning
The morning light

He is with you when your kids are grown
When there's too much space and you feel alone
And you're worried if you got it right or wrong
Yes he is with you when you've given up
On ever finding your true love
Someone who feels like home
He is with you

When nothing else is left
And you take you final breath
He is with you

Basically, he is with us through it all, through all the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the valleys, the rock bottom, and there is JOY to be found even in that through KEEPING OUR EYES UPON HIM!- thats what I get from this one.

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