Thursday, March 11, 2010

Headers....Creative Ideas for others in Blogger Land

So I have been trying to reinvent the Header on my blog...Make it more exciting, more personal than just words, just a title.
There is this blog that I totally HEART called CLOVER LANE , anyways her Headers change every month and they are SOOOO creative!!!!!
She says she uses Picasa to make them, and guess what???
I HAVE PICASA.....soooo,
today I am playing around with making my own new header.
I am sure mine will not change monthly, nor be nearly as awsome as hers....
My header above is my first attempt....hmm....
Here is one I have started working on for spring...its not finished yet, and is subject to changes of course....
may need flip flop pic, not crocks with socks?!!

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