Saturday, December 26, 2009

BACK in the HOSPITAL- Take TWO...

I was having a great recovery, as seen in my last post. I was feeling on cloud nine overall- I did have post surgical pain, and I was wiped out, but overall I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
HOWEVER, as we all know my life doesn't seem to follow any straightforward path these days, so of course:
I woke up Christmas Eve in major, I MEAN MAJOR, pain. I could hardly even pee folks (sorry if TMI). I also was running a fever. Of course the doctors office was closed, so the doctor said he would meet me at the ED at Baptist.
Now its the Saturday evening after Christmas and I am still hanging out in the hospital, and it looks as if I will be stuck here through atleast Monday according to my doc.
I am getting heavy duty antibiotics via my IV.

It was very rough for me to miss the homey christmas with my kids. They came up Christmas Eve and decorated my room for Christmas and sang some carols to me. So sweet. I was really too out of it, in so much pain and on so much pain medication that I could hardly stay focused, but I know it was good for them to be here.
Here is the Christmas tree they decorated for my room:

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