Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home, Home, Oh how nice to be HOME!

I have to say I am so glad to be home. I meant to be blogging daily, that was my goal...but surgery recovery, the business of having Jason and all the kids home, the Christmas chores(overseeing them-no I am not doing them!), Anyways... all of this has kept me so busy and mostly away from the computer since home from the hospital.

So its Wednsday. I have been home now for 5 days. Wow, the time does fly. I was so expecting the worst, the big surgery, the big bad recovery. I am so happy to report that this recovery is just so great compared to my fears!
The pain is less than the bad days before my surgery. I am more tired. I tried a couple of days ago to take a walk outside. It was rough, it made me realize there is still a lot of recovering to do. I am still taking the pain pills, but spread out through the day, and not 2 at a time as prescribed.
So....Thanks to all who prayed for me.
I feel like the prayers were answered.
Dr. Wild called yesterday and informed me that the tissue pathology came back and indeed yes, I did have ADENOMYOSIS. They did find something else though. I also had ENDOMETRIOSIS withen my uterus lining.
So YEAH, its out, its out, HOORAY! no more awful pain for me!!!!!
I am very hopefully that the sources of my pain were all removed and after this surgery recovery period I will be pain free.
Please pray that this is the case.
The doctors are saying that I may be left with residual chronic pain, but I really believe that they took out the sources and I will be fine, be PAIN FREE. I don't see why there would still be pain. So I have high hopes. I will not look for more pain to be there. I just refuse.

I cannot wait to be able to do all of the things I love once again.
Things I used to take for granted:
-Running with Jack riding his bike through the neighborhood.
-Just playing outside with the kids, kiddin around and havin fun outside.
-COOKING! --I am going to make my way through some of my new cookbooks that I hope to get for Christmas, or aquire soon!
-BAKING BREAD with Pauline!!!!---Pauline I just got BEARD ON BREAD--james beard's cookbook-- it looks so great!!!!!!

-exersizing, doing things to make my body healthy again! I used to love my time, my ME time at Golds...especially the Yoga/Pilates mix class I took

I cannot wait to train for a 5K again. I missed it last time by a week or so- got sick and had to miss it. Its a goal I WILL MAKE one of these days!!!!

I guess all of this to say, I AM FEELING HOPEFULL, something I haven't truley felt in a long time. I am loving it!

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  1. Awesome!! Just left you a message on Facebook. Watched Julie & Julia last night and loved it. Maybe we try to do something like Julie did. That would be so much fun;) let me know what you think.
    Merry Christmas. Love you.