Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Shopping This Year--Thank God for the Internet

Christmas shopping. These two words tend to fill people either with dread or warm happy feelings. I definatly fall into the latter catergory. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I love everything about it.
I love Christmas shopping. I really do.
I love making lists.
I love coming up with ideas and then shopping in the Christmas spirit for gifts for all of those that I love.

I love apple cider, and hot chocolate...and peppermint mochas from Starbucks!
I love celebrating our Saviors Birth, reading the bible stories...
I love teaching my Kids about it, and watching them learn.
I love the Hymns, Carols, all the Traditions.
I love the festivities.
I love the smell, the wonderful evergreen smell.
I love the decorations, especially the Tree every year!
I love the fires in the fireplace. ( there is a roaring one now as I write!)
I love baking Christmas Cookies. (even though I am SO not a baker)
I love thinking over my meal for Christmas day, all the planning involved, and most of all I LOVE COOKING the Christmas meal!
I love how excited my kids get.
I love the look on my kids faces Christmas morning when they come down the stairs and see their presents and stockings!
I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Its my Favorite Holdiay.

This year is a little bit of a let down for me. I am not in my house, cannot do my own decorations. No normal christmas shopping for me- I am in pain. I am going to have surgery and not be able to cook at all for christmas. But, I love the internet-for the first time ever I shopped from home, and got almost everything I needed for everyone online.
I am still in such a Happy Christmas Mood.
Thanks to my friend Julie I found something new that i love. ---
I love music playing from the computer, the songs I like!

So, Merry Christmas to All!!!!!

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