Friday, December 18, 2009

Uterus GONE...

So the surgery went exactly like I wished (meaning he didn't have to do an open incision across my abdomen)!!!!
I was thrilled beyond belief when I was told that he was able to do it the less invasive, faster recovery, much shorter hospital stay way. Though I have a beautiful view of First Bapitst downtown and the rest of the cityscape from this angle out of my window. Very pretty.

The only issue we have had is that my blood pressure has been extremely low. I mean really low. 80s /30s,to 40s. Not sure how I was able to be with it as low as it went... Definatley made me very dizzy.
I think that it may be creeping back up this am??? I am hoping anyways.

I have to say, I have never been to Baptist for a surgery, didn't know what to expect, but everyone has been really very attentive with quite fast responses to my calls.
The only thing that has been upsetting to me is that they wouldn't let me out of the bed all day or night to walk. I, being a nurse, wanted to push myself to get up and moving. Even with the pain it was hard to stay put when I felt like I should be walking the halls.
So, I am going to sign off here and GO FOR A WALK.

By the way--- I think it is true that nurses make horrible patients. I have been taking things off left and right since I got in my room yesterday am. I took the oxygen off, then came the SCDs (those pump things they put on your legs), then my stat lock holding the foley in place, and.......
Of course I also surely had to know what all the medications were, the settings, etc...
I am sure they will be glad to see me go.
Its hard to just be a patient apparently.

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  1. I am sure it is hard for you to be in the hospital. I am glad everything went well and that you will up and around soon.