Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in the Hospital Pictures

After opening a Santa present each and a good breakfast the kids all brought their stockings down to the hospital so I could be with them while they opened!!!!!
Later in the day my father and hubby drug lots more present all the way to my room so that i could continue to watch them open. We still have more to go, and I have to say overall my kids are taking it all in great stride. The balance of taking care of MOMMY and wanting so badly to open those presents they have been eying under the tree...I know its been hard on them. They are such troopers and I am so proud of them all.

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  1. Oh Erika, I am so sorry:( I really hope you are feeling better soon. Do you know how much longer you will be there? If you are still in the hospital on Monday i will come and visit you.
    Just think, this will be one Christmas you won't forget:)
    Love you girl!