Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

I was just blessed to read my friend Katie Carter's website....What she was writing about, well it really hit home with me.--here is part of what Katie said....
"I am constantly amazed at how in the bible God always refers to the covenant he made with his people.
  We are his and he is ours.  
I am no better and probably would fit in well with Jerusalem.  We all would. 
I don't deserve his love or forgiveness but I am so thankful that he made a promise to me.
  He found me, cleaned me up, and said "LIVE".  To God be the glory!"
And she ended it with a song that I had never heard, and I HEART the words. I really feel that I, well all of us, can truly worship through song- Listening to the words, Meditating on them, allowing them to lead our thoughts to the GLORIFYING OF THE LORD.
This song- PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD will definatly be added to my "lyrics to live by" series!!!!

Thank you dear friend for laying out your heart! Just what I needed today!!!!
I want to end with her prayer- Wow, it was a powerful, amazing prayer! I have been studying prayer- listing prayers from the bible in a notebook, reading on Prayer, listening to audiobooks and podcasts on prayer, and also writing down prayers of others that I see and could learn from. I am prayerfully working on bettering my prayer life I guess you could say!!!!
 Here is Katie's Prayer:
Father I pray that what I am about to write will be pleasing to you o Lord.  Take away my anger towards what is going on and put in me a righteous indignation and the desire to stand up for the truth of your word and who you are, not serve my own agenda or purpose..  Protect me and my friends from the lies and deceit the devil is spreading.  Bring those who have fallen prey to wrong thinking towards you.  Break the hearts of those trying find truth in the lies so much so that they have no other choice than to turn towards you and see the one and only truth.  Rise up a person or people who have fallen prey to the 'religion' of the devil already has a large sphere of influence and cause them to become a mighty warrior for truth.  Help others to see you in their changed heart and know you are the one true God.  Convict and take away from us the confusion, guilt, fear, hurt, discontent, greed, and all the other parts of our sinful hearts that cause us to want to believe what the devil offers is light and beauty.  Help us see it for what it is, sin and filth, blasphemy against the one true God.  Allow us to turn our hearts back to you and be a generation, a people who love and know the God of the bible, of Abraham, Moses, and David.  Make yourself known and bring glory to your name.  

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