Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last Beach Week of the Summer???

Our last beach day of this season???? It was the PERFECT BEAUTIFUL DAY! All of the cousins had a ball!!!! My children are surely beach bums, after my own heart of course!!!! Caroline and AW could ride waves in all day long!!! Jack is take it or leave it with the water, but he still has a ball! He loves to create in the sand too!
Waiting for the Perfect Wave
Caroline would be a surfer if she lived at the beach, She NEVER misses her wave! She is my little fish
Riding in yet another wave! Andrew is in heaven in the the water boogie boarding. He could go all day!
And we also got to see Cousin Joesph for the first time! Caroline was enthralled! I spent half the day holding him too!!!! Babies are so sweet, he is just perfect!!! He smells perfect, He cuddles perfect, He makes Perfectly cute little faces!!!!!! We love you baby Joesph and cannot wait to be involved in your life as you grow up to become an amazing young man!!!!!! Congrats Aunt Megan, Uncle Glen, and Big Brother Matt!!!

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