Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer 2011 Disney Trip

This is our Family Pic, we did the same one when Andrew was a baby!!!!
We went to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom... Its was a busy, but fun filled week! The kids, Jason being the biggest one, LOVE DISNEY WORLD! Its crazy how much they love it, but i guess it is jam packed with FUN 24/7!!!
AW and Handy Manny!!!! The only character pic he even wanted!

Waiting in line for TOY STORY ride at Hollywood Studios....

The Entertainment as we are STILL waiting in line... It was the only ride that we had to wait a LONG time for, like 60 minutes!!!!!!!

Epcot, they loved dressing up in the different countries!!!! This was one of my fav pics!!!

Caroline and Tinker Bell

Thank the Lord for the stroller! Best $50 bucks I spent. Andrew could not  handle all of the walking!!! He was a happy camper getting a ride!!!!!

Andrew's fav pic!!! He came home with these as souvineers

Donald in Mexico!

Jack enjoying a treat!!!!

One of the fav rides, Caroline needs some driving lessons I think!!!!

Cool Dude!

A lot of the kids fav section from last time was closed, they are building a new castle and a whole new area- Beauty and the Beast's Castle I believe. We got some great pics from there "wall" though....


Caroline loved, loved, loved the Merry Go Round- It was so beautiful, and she has loved it every time we have been here!
Another pic as we waited in line for Toy Story, This is Daddy's fav pic!

Caroline after she had slept on braids all night. She was so very proud of the curls, and she had on her fav new dress!!!!
This is where Andrew Walter got his first Haircut, so we made sure to go again for Year 5's Haircut!

Caroline wanted her hair all done up!!!

This was on that little TOM SAUYERS island. WE had never been to this section, they had such a ball running loose all over the island, all over the bouncy bridges and tunnels and winding paths!

 playing drums, or anything that resembled a drum was big...????

Showing off her "cat" face

 IN Epcot's Italy...In search of Gelato.....And showing off their stamp bears that they had stamped at each Country in Epcot!
 in Germany, ok some of our group shots not so great....But hey we can't be perfect pic kiddos in every country ya'll
 So proud of his Countries Bear...
 I love this one of Jack!
 and we are in france.....
 and Germany....
 My fave pic of Care's Cat Face....Dad got her in just the right light!!!! She LOVED getting her face done!
 And for the finale... WE got the BEST SEATS IN DISNEY for the fireworks and lights show...I had booked ahead at a dessert buffet that the internet said had the best seats...and boy were they. I really don't think there was a better seat in the park, plus we got an AMAZING dessert buffet to enjoy SITTING down (remember this isn't till 10PM folks). They even brought an amazing plate just for AW and I of gluten free goodies!!! I wish I had taken some dessert pics, its was a pretty amazing spread!

The End....for a few years anyways

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