Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GoOd NeWs, BaD NeWs....

GOOD NEWS: I gOt tHe JOB!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!! Peer Interview went really well today. I had a great time with the admissions nurse that I followed. I really know that I will enjoy this job. The Director Offered me the job....

BAD NEWS: tHe jOb DoEsNt StArT fOr AtLeAsT a MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its a new position, one they are creating.
I sure wish they would hurry it up, figure out all the particulars, whatever it is they need and finish it up. I need to start like A MONTH AGO, not a month from now.
I want to be jumping for joy. But still no dotted line signed. So I guess its really still just fingers crossed...
No, its Keep Trusting Me Erika, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.
TRUST. Your family will be taken care of...Patience.

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