Thursday, November 13, 2008


The minute my floor is comes Andrew to the toy cabinet under the tv...I have a nice little basket for his toys! Does he pull out what he wants to play with??NO, of course not We pull out the entire basket and dump it...and then proceed to....not play with a single one!!!

Insteed we wanna watch a cartoon! So here is our living room...FUll of toys..

And Andrew glued to Charlie and Lola...Of course...Mom could turn off the TV...I could play with him...But no, instead I take pics and am posting on my blog...reading your blogs and postponing all I need to get done around the house. PATHETIC RIGHT???
Okay...After this I promise I am going to get up and clean....clean the some Andrew pick up toys...though that is an effort I don't know why I ever try, they will just be dumped right back out....BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW...ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A TWO YEAR OLD TO PLAY WITH ONE TOY UNTILL THEY ALL HAVE BEEN DUMPED OUT AND SPREAD ACROSS THE FLOOR!!!!! I do have to say Andrew is great at cleaning long as we sing the CLean up Song the whole time....I am so grateful to whoever came up with that one!!! THANK YOU SUPER MOM WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!! I am not creative enough to come up with my own little jingles but I sure do use them. My kids just responds to them like they are Magic. Whats the deal with that????

In the ADULT world.....I just got a call about my new looks like they may have an even better offer for me!!!!! The Director wants to meet with me again on Monday to discuss the possibility of me doing call for Monday through THurs 5pm to 12pm....the meeting Monday would be to discuss details! I am so excited about the prospect. It would be so exciting to have weekends off. I would potentially have my evenings during the week occupied but its just call, so I can do all of my regualr activities. I just have to keep my beeper and car with me in case I have to answer a call and worse case senario have to go to a home.....I am psyched about the prospect.
Dear Lord, Please Help the right decision to be clear.
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  1. I am SO EXCITED for you!! I can't wait to hear. GOD is GOOD!