Sunday, November 30, 2008


(the famous thanksgiving couch pic)

Making memories to last a lifetime...
I want so much for my children to grow up with wonderful childhood memories. Just like Jason and I did. We both had great childhoods-wonderful memories of holidays. I want that for my kids. I think this Thanksgiving was a great stop on that path.

the Turkey Parade- Every Turkey Day am in Wild Dunes there is a parade- First Comes the Fire Truck, followed by a seried of golf carts all decorated differently by families for Thanksgiving or Christmas, they throw candy, the kids have a ends with a SANTA FLOAT!!!!! a fun way to start the Christmas season!

Jack climbed the tree to get the best view of the parade-he was so proud of himself!
The kids sat in the back of the truck to watch at first, till they saw the candy...then the were running and grabbing!!! Why didn't we take any float pics??

Next comes the
Lights at James Island Park This is my personal favorite Holiday Tradition that we have in Charleston. Each and every year we make time to take the kids to this AMAZING display of lights in the park. There is a huge drive around the park full of lights to view from the car. But what tops it off is all of the activities located in the center of the park. We park the car and there are walking paths full of lights, lots of activities, Santa Claus, a great Merry-Go-Round, and the kids favorite- THE TRAIN RIDE.Every year we bundle up the kids and head there and make another set of great memorories!!!

My favorite part was watching the kids eat the smores they made!!!

The last thing we did was have all the kids write Christmas letters to Santa. They had a ball and we got some cute pics.

And of course...our famous couch pics...we must get this at each momentous family occasion:here are some of the various versions from Thanksgiving:::

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