Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jack and Raul-The Volcanic Explosion

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So Jack from time to time brings home a buddy from school..this time it was RAUL...Raul has a book that describes an experiment that each student is supposed to do with Raul. The student is supposed to predict what they think might happen...attempt the experiement with the aid of Raul ( and a parent???) and then write there conclusion also in Raul's notebook.
Well this one was one that Jack knows well...The VOLCANO...Jack is friends with a science teacher- MS.DAWN..and Ms Dawn has given Jack a volcano and taught him the mechanics of how to make it EXLPODE (food coloring and all-thank you Ms. Dawn)-gotta look LEGIT right????
So Jack and his Daddy set up his Volcano and decided they would teach Raul all about the experiment using his actual Volcano, rather than just doing the "experient where an "eruption" occurs. They set Raul up (saftey goggles for both JACK AND RAUL OF COURSE!!!!!) and we took pics!!!
So in his class book he pasted the directions he gave Raul and the cute pic!!! I thought that was pretty creative! ( and pretty darn CUTE!!!


  1. That is very cute:) Hope Raul didn't get dirty!

  2. Shut Up! This is too cute-- I love it and can't believe I missed it. This was certainly an auntie thing-- I miss spending that time with Jack and doing "special things".