Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here is What Happens When Mommy has a Migrane-

Andrew's art wall:

OH HE WAS SO SAD!!!! He thought he was drawing Mommy a picture!!!!!!
I woke up around 4AM with a horrid headache. It lasted till around 12pm. So I some how pulled through and got Jack and Caroline to school, then came home and crawled into the bed. Andrew stayed upstairs with me, in and out of the bed,playing in the playroom and his room....then he comes into my room--paint allover his face, allover his legs...I got up with dread...paint all over my door, my wall and banister!!! OH BOY!!! who knew where he even found the paint marker upstairs--gotta love it when things don't get put away!!!!!
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  1. Ohh, that looks pretty bad. Can you wipe it off? I would make him do it (or at least make him help you)! I am thinking he probably had a lot of fun:)

  2. Some of it came off--some of the pigment stayed in the wall though! LOVELY! oh well, no biggie thats what happens with almost no supervision, atleast it wasn't downstairs!!!!

  3. I have been down today too.No migraine but some version of the bug that has been going around the house for the past 3 weeks. Luckily Josiah just got a new Mr. Potato head and has been playing with that in my bed while I have been down. Terry did come home early to pick up the kids for me and "take care of me". We are blessed with some great husbands, aren't we??