Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Atlanta at Uncle Matt and Aunt Laura's

We had never been to Matt and Laura's new house. We were so psyched to get to go to Atlanta and spend Christmas with them. We had so much fun and such a relaxing few days spending time and hanging out;playing games,singing songs,cooking, baking (remember the eggs next time Erika!)and of course Shopping!!! There were soooo many pics taken, I figured the easiest was to pick some and put them in a slideshow.... Check them out: On Christmas Eve we missed church, as Jack had a 103 fever (poor baby, of course no pic of the sickie eyes, but Daddy read the Christmas Story out of the Bible and we sang carols.
Andrew especially had fun with singing. He did not know the words but he sure did belt his words out from the top of his lungs.

Oh Christmas night, sweet sweet Caroline Ruth came up with a game (which she invented rules and all)...We all got so into it. It was a ball!!! ~PUN INTENDEDDdaddy Jason videod some of the fun, check it out:

Matt and Laura,
If you are reading this, thank you both so much for hosting this year. We loved your house and getting to just be with you both(and of course Dixie,Lilly Bird and Otis)!!
We love you so much and miss getting to be with you as often as we would like. We are so proud of who ya'll have become and are so blessed to call ya'll Uncle Matt and Aunt Laura. You have no idea how much my kids love and adore you both. It means the world to us how wonderful ya'll are with them and how you love them!
Thanks for the intro to Trader Joe's too!!! Who knew wine could be cheap and awsome at the same time????
Elbow ball next christmas anyone???????

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