Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mommy got creative for Christmas...(to the tune of CHEAP!!!!!)

Well I just cannot have Christmas without decorating, and to me that always means buying new stuff, gotta add to what we had last year right?? Somehow always need something new, something different... Well this year things seem to be different, we just do not have the money for me to be out buying whatever decorations I want. So We Buy the Tree from the PIG<yeah, we are real classy> and then I go to thinking what can I do to decorate.....So I find out LOWES of all places has 2o yards, YES you heard that right, 2o YARDS of alreadystrung galand for 6 dollars!!!!!!! What can I do with this??? the brain is churnin. I am SO NOT Miss Creativity. My friend Stephanie had said she was going to wrap garland along her stairs and hang all her Christmas Cards from it...ok, don't have a long bannister....Kitchen... Then miracle of miracles I, ERIKA YAMAN, came up with a creative idea!!!! You see my kids had spent days and days gathering leaves, stones, broken vines,twigs,you name it, even sand....they wanted to do a project....THey wanted to bring all of this in my house. I DON"T THINK SO...thats what mom of the year said after all there sweet hard work....See, these were the things they said they were Thankful FOR.....So what is this Project...The pics are the result in progress....They made ornaments from NATURE..HOW COOL IS THAT???-- they turned out really sweet and the kids had a ball. Of course I was too busy helping to take pics...but the results I hot glued to the garland that I hung. We will also be adding all of the Christmas Cards.
I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself. I really do lack the CREATIVITY gene. My mom sews, smocks,designs well..she was a elementary teacher and can come up with any type of project...Why did I not gt those genes....???
Maybe it just takes being FLAT BROKE to bring out the Creative bug in me?????

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