Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its Beginning To Look ALOT like CHRISTMAS....

at the Yaman house atleast.
The kids have been begging to get the tree up and the house decorated...We have been behind this year compared to usual. I LOVE the CHristmas Season...
I love decorating
I love the music
I love th feeling I get this time of year,
I love the baking, the planning christmas goodies,
I love Christmas shopping- Yes I love shopping for family and friends.
---this year is rough, we are really low on money and I don't get to really shop nor do I get to cook like crazy---or decorate like I want----but IT WILL BE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS--WE WILL CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF OUR CHRIST.
Here is a little slide show of the last few days at our house:

The kids have also spend a lot of time making special ornaments from nature...from things they have gathered outside-
I will post pictures of their creations when they are done. They are going to hang it on a fresh garland that I have hung in the kitchen. I think its a really cool project if I do say so myself. The kids have really gotten into it and have made some really cute things so far!!!
In other news:
I have been having a hard time lately with Trusting and Patience regarding my job situation and money issues..anyone out there who has been praying--Please keep praying--I really need the prayer right now...
Dear Lord GOd,
I know you have a plan for me, a plan to prosper me, not to hurt me, a Plan that is the Perfect plan for me, for my family. I pray for rest and Peace in this.

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