Saturday, December 6, 2008

FAMILY GONE, Mommy Home alone For a few Hours

So....whats a Mom to do with a whole day alone???
My family has left for Charleston for Emmy Grace's birthday party.
Here are some pics of the Kids at the Charelston Children's Museum-

I have stayed behind as my chest has been acting up. This had been a really rough week with a return of CHEST PAIN. Yuck! I have no idea whats going on or why this has come back. I have been so much better, have not been taking pain meds in weeks. Now I am back to taking pain meds and still hurting anyways!!!
back to feeling so FRUSTRATED!
I know the Lord gives us what He does to strenghten us, to build us up, our character, etc... Mine should be pretty SOLID after this year!!! Atleast I hope so. I hope I have listened and learned something in all of this.

LORD, please continue to give me the strenght, and the patience to me to not take all of the frustration out on my LOVING AND SWEET HUBBIE, but to be PATIENT, and TRUST that you have a PLAN.

OKAY, so that said....
whats a girl to do all alone....wish I could do something cool, fun, exciting....but alas.....I will probably surf the some stuff on the DVR....REST UP...thats what I stayed back for...TO REST UP..that what I get to do for fun these days...REST UP, in hopes that this chest will heal up. ( okay, that sentance did not sound like I am being patient or trusting did it????---I need to really work on my attitude!) Ya'll who read this pray for me!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMY GRACE!!!! THREE YEARS OLD TOMMOROW!!!!!!! I am so sorry I missed your party. Auntie Ka-Ka Loves you so much litte girl!!!

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  1. We're so sorry that the kids didn't get to stay longer at the party. Even though Emily Grace got to spend her actual birthday at the museum with all her friends, she was still sad her cousins had to leave. Thanks J for bringing them down-- I love you!