Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Kids Christmas Pictures

This Year we are not sending out a Christmas card...long story short, no MULA,sorry to break the news here those that were wondering where our card with my beautiful kiddos was!!!
Anyways..I just coudn't not take to Christmas pic anyways. So here it is... No Cooperation, AS USUAL!!!!, but who cares this year, no one has to see it right...just the whole world as I decdided to post the pics anyways for all the see.
I wanted to share the pics with those of you who follow my blog, almost all of you are people who would surely get the Christmas card anyways, Right?
Surely one of these pics would have made the cut??? or would I have taken many more?? probably so knowing me, don't love any of these really, but here they are!!!
I really wanted to do a matching jammies pic this year...but again...MONEY MONEY MONEY>>> anyone know how much nice jammies cost...yah, ya do. 'Nough said. My kids are not sporting the cute striped monogrammed jammies this year that I wanted. humph.... Ok, that did not sound grateful.. and I am... VERY GREATFUL FOR MY BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL FAMILY!
> Aren't they beautiful???? I know it, I am so blessed, so blessed by MY REDEEMDER! I praise you wonderful, glorious Lord for all you have given in this family. They are fun, crazy, life consuming....and above all a blessing that is more than I can even really wrap my head around. WOW, thats all I can really say when stop and think. I am even thankful for the blessing of this darn computer that gives me the time to stop and blog and reflect on all you do for my family. THANK YOU!
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  1. Don't worry-- I sent a 'family' card to all OUR side of the family with all the kids on it because I knew you weren't sending any and people would want to see. Email me the first one of Jack and Bear please.