Thursday, December 11, 2008

WOW, just had an amazing afternoon with my Lord!!

Prompted by reading a chapter of The PeaceMaker, by Ken Sanders..I ended up spending an afternoon in scripture, and then in silent time with my Lord. It was great. It was much needed.
I also spent a little of the time reading a blog that was recommended to me--Bring of the rain...a wonderful christian woman whose blogs of her walk with the Lord God led me to deeper thought, more time with God today. WOW. Thanks Angie!!! You are an amazing woman. The trials you went through with Audrey Caroline, the pregnancy, the birth and now life without your angel daughter in your arms daily. Yet through the pain this lady gives it all to God, lays it all at the Cross. Her blog is an amazing testimony to what it means to live through crisis, when bad things happen....I don't know what else to say but amazing testimony to me and I am a christian. So encouraging. She knew her God was the same yesterday and today and tommorow no matter the circumstances. She really lived it and Believed it!! Amazing strength and PEace that God gave to in the midst of the gut wrenching pain...I cried buckets as I read but also felt a peace..a renewed spirit in my own relationship with my God.
See I know what she knows also. I have been going through some stuff...and I can't say I have had the Grace she has showed. The peace. I want to have that...I think today brought me closer. I just really felt the need to "blog" this out.
GOd is GOOD.
Good is Love.
He is the same yesterday, today , and tommorow no matter what he chooses to allow in my life.
This is the TRUTH.
Isiah 26:3 YOu will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts you.

-this verse was on my heart today.

Also the song that played often on Angie's blog Bring the Rain, from Mercy Me (I have kinda claime it personally these last months internally, never have I said it aloud, but I am now...)
Thank you Mercy ME for Bring the Rain- That song speaks to my heart every time I hear it. It truley does.

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  1. Ok, so now I want to read that blog. Could you email me the blog address? Thanks:)